Your Questions are important to PurelyFairTrade.com!


If your question isnt answered here drop us an email at contactus@purelyfairtrade.com.


What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is simply paying a fair price for goods so that the people who create those goods can afford a decent life. Fair Trade also considers the environmental, and social implications of a product. 


I am an artist and have a product to sell, how to do I partner with Purely Fair Trade?

We find it very exciting to partner with new companies and artists! If you would like to sell your products on our site please email us at contactus@purelyfairtrade.com or use the form on our website here.


Do you have a brick and mortar store?

Right now we do not. We do plan on participating in events, markets and more so that you can visit us in person! Stay tuned for announcements via email (sign up here), our blog, or on our social media channels.


I have a problem with my order, how to I contact customer service?

We are sorry you’ re having an issue. Please email us at contactus@purelyfairtrade.com or use this form on our website. We will get back to you within two business days.


Who are you? Why did you start Purely Fair Trade?

We think it matters where things come from. The problem is, we don’t always know. Purely Fair Trade is committed to knowing where products come from, as well as knowing that the company or artist gets a fair price for their products. We have Fair Trade products and also intend on adding organic, yoga themed, and environmentally responsible products to our site in the future. Check out our About Us page for even more information.