About PurelyFairTrade.com

Purely Fair Trade was started by Steve and Samantha Bellerson. Our vision is to find local and global artisans and businesses to provide ethical products that we are proud to sell to our customers. Our goal is to continue to grow our product selection so that every home can be filled with products that help make the world a better place by supporting…

Steve is an artist and understands the importance of receiving a fair price for beautiful work, which is what we do here! He is very particular about the quality of products that we bring into our home. They need to be sturdy, well made and useful for his approval! At Purely Fair Trade, we keep this in mind when selecting products for our customers.

Samantha is a master level yoga instructor, art lover, wife and mother that enjoys spending time with family. Purely Fair Trade is our vision for creating a business that supports her ability to be with her family and sell products she can be proud of.

Steve and Samantha above all things love to spend time with one another. We love to hike, camp, eat great food, and spend time with their dogs. We started Purely Fair Trade because we wanted something we could do together and maybe, hopefully one day, be able to work solely for themselves. Our hope is to one day to be able to move somewhere a little more remote, and be bit more self sefficent.

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