What you bring into your home should be as unique and special as you are.


Purely Fair Trade was founded on the principle that every product in our home should have a story. We are sentimental and we know that when we bring something into our home it needs to be useful and special. That is what we are about. Our products are special from the creation to the reason you decided to bring it into your home or gift to someone you love! Our products are handmade and one of a kind. Kit
  • Do you enjoy entertaining or cooking? Check out the kitchen section. There are beautiful table cloths, place settings, trivets, wooden spoons and more! They will not only help make your next gathering a breeze, the pieces will make wonderful conversation pieces. Also, make sure to bookmark our blog for recipes, and tips. 
  • Our homes should reflect our own unique charms and tastes. Finding unique and one-of-a-kind items add to the feel and flare of the home! From hand carved end tables, to distinctive picture frames, and amazing hand painted pottery, Purely Fair Trade has pieces that will add that personal touch to any home’s decor.
  • There is more to yoga than just doing the poses in a class at the gym. Yoga is a lifestyle. It's a way of thinking. Yoga helps us slow down and reminds us what is really important to living a full and happy life. After you have your ideal mat (check our blog and YouTube for yoga tips, classes and other props we recommend), it is wonderful to have some things, like a statue that remind us of what our focus is. Light a candle and set an intention, use an eye pillow in savasana, or get a singing bowl to tune yourself in meditation. 
  • While jewelry makes a great gift, who doesn’t love getting a beautiful pair of earrings? It is also important to treat ourselves! Get a lovely handmade bracelet to remind you how important you are every time you look at it or a lovely necklace to remind you to focus on what is most important.  


Purely Fair Trade is where every product has a history. We are committed to bringing you products that matter. Check back often, we will be adding information, products and more all the time.